enchanted scissors

enchanted scissorsは,身近なツールであるハサミに着目したインタラクティブファブリケーションインタフェースである.日常的な切る作業から複雑なペーパークラフトの制作の補助を目的としている.導電性インクで描かれた線に刃先が触れることで静電容量値が変化し,それに応じてハサミの開閉が動的に制御される.従って,制約の範囲内であればリアルタイムでユーザがオリジナリティーを加えることも可能である.これにより,ユーザからの入力とデバイスからのアウトプットが自然に繋がり,切る作業が円滑に行われる.紙に描かれた線をより正確に切る,またはある範囲の中で自由に形状表現を行う,など新たな体験が可能となり,ハサミを使用するモノづくりの創造性の幅を広げることを目標とする.

enchanted scissors is a digitally controlled pair of scissors. It restricts areas that can be cut while requiring the user’s exertion of force and decision to execute each cut. Therefore, unlike a completely digitalized cutting device, the user can freely apply improvisations within the permitted areas in real-time. While using normal scissors, it is common to cut unintended parts or difficult to control the blades for cutting intricate details. enchanted scissors prevents these errors in advance by using two switchable programs to restrict the areas that the user can access. Both programs provide real-time feedback to the user during the cutting process as a regular pair of scissors would. This allows a comfortable connection of the user’s physical input and the output implemented by the device. We focused on the conductivity of the scissors’ metal blades and use conductive ink to mark the areas the user can cut or avoid to cut. When the blades come in contact with the conductive line consisting electric current flow, the servo motor contained in the device reacts; depending on the program running, the motor’s arm either locks or unlocks the scissors’ handles. enchanted scissors can be used to cut accurately, prevent undesirable accidents such as cutting unnecessary parts, and support people unskilled or experienced in handling scissors. Our objective is to have different types of users incorporate this device in multiple situations to improve their cutting performances: Children can learn how to coordinate scissors, experts may fabricate detailed paper crafts, and even the visually impaired can utilize this device to cut based on the tactile information received.


ACM SIGGRAPH2013, Posters(2013.7).


SIGGRAPH ACM SRC 1st place (undergraduate)

Mayu Meril Yamashita, Junichi Yamaoka, Yasuaki Kakehi