A pen-based device for sketching with multi-directional traction forces

Junichi Yamaoka,Yasuaki Kakehi


UIST'14 Adjunct Proceedings of the adjunct publication of the 27th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology

This paper presents a pen-grip-shaped device that assists in sketching using multi-directional traction forces. By using an asymmetric acceleration of the vibration actuator that drive in a linear direction, the system can create a virtual traction force with the proper direction. We augment users' drawing skills with the device that arranged 4 vibration actuators that provides a traction force and a rotary sensation. Therefore the device is portable and does not have any limitation of needing to be in a particular location, this device can be used to guide the direction and assist the user who is sketching on a large piece of paper. Moreover, users can attach it to any writing utensil such as brushes, crayons. In this paper, we describe the details of the design of device, evaluation experiments, and applications.